Mr. John Gong was invited to visit Juyanzhai Ink Stone Museum

Mr. John Gong enjoyed the ink stones in the MuseumSeptember 11, 2012

Mr. John Gong was specially invited by General Hongjun Liu to visit the Juyanzhai Ink Stone Museum. It is a comprehensive museum, includes Ink stone exhibition, Collection & Appreciation, Communication & Learning, and Gift sales. The museum collects over 800 different ink stones for public to enjoy. Mr. John Gong was accompanied by General Hongjun Liu personally with other entourages: Mengsan Chen (Liaison Department Minister of Yantai Chinese Culture Promotion) and Ms. Zhenrong Wen (Office director of Old Premier Guixian Wu).

Mr. John Gong with General Hongjun Liu at Juyanzhai Ink Stone Museum

The four treasures of the Chinese study are including writing brushes, ink sticks, ink stones and paper. Yan (ink stones), it is a symbol of friendship for 5000-6000 years. An ink stone is a stone mortar for the grinding and containment of ink. It is the origin of Chinese culture and is used in calligraphy and painting. In the long process of evolution, the ink stone was injected into the cultural, artistic temperament is the favorite of scholars.

General Hongjun Liu was taken the position of chief of Beijing Armed Police Corps, Leader of First Corps of Beijing Armed Police, vice chief of Chinese Armed Police Corps. In July 2005, he was appointed deputy Commander of Chinese Armed Police Corps. In 1997, he was a Major General and in 2006 he was promoted to lieutenant General. General Hongjun Liu explained the exhibits to Mr. John Gong Since December 2011, he became a consultant of Shandong Chamber of Commerce in Zhejiang. He likes to practice calligraphy, collect ink stone, and edit book for Yan culture. The book he edited "ink stone Expo” has the most various types of ink stone. Juyanzhai was founded in Beijing in February 2010 in order to promote Yan culture. Hongjun Liu involved in its volunteer activities to develop the Chinese Yan culture. The Liu Hongjun collection ink stone began in 1950s. He collected 1000 parties ink stone, as many as 110 kinds of varieties. It is the domestic ink stone collection number and types of the most complete one of the collectors, in the industry have come first on the list.

In the early next year, General Hongjun Liu and Mr. John Gong are expected to jointly held art and ink stone exhibitions in Los Angeles. Ink stone exhibition is included all different kinds of high valuable ink stones. In addition, it will also provide paintings and ink stone auction for American collection lovers during the exhibition, which allow the Chinese ink stone culture penetrated into the mainstream of American society and even every corner of the world. Athena Technologies Inc. will choose President Nixon Museum for exhibition in Los Angeles. As the organizers in the United States, we will vigorously assist with General Hongjun Liu to hold the exhibition successfully. If you show the interests on this activity, please always pay attention to our website.

General Hongjun Liu made a nice conversation with Mr. John Gong. General Hongjun Liu, on the behalf of Juyanzhai, gave a Red silk ink stone as a present to Athena Technologies Inc., which is a symbol of friendship between the two sides.

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