Athena Technologies Inc. cooperation intention with Laoting of Hebei Province

Laoting of Hebei Province May 7, 2013

Laoting New Area is located along the southeastern coast of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, in the heart of the Bohai Bay and adjacent to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It comprises Laoting Country and Tangshan Seaport Economic Development Zone. It has 1,308 square kilometers of land, 2,000 square kilometers of shallow sea area, and 124.9 square kilometers of coastal line.

Since the establishment if Tangshan Seaport Economic Development Zone in 1993, infrastructures investment more than 10 billion RMB and fixed assets investment more than 100 billion RMB have been finished. Large famous domestic companies like Datang International Power Generation Co.,Ltd and the world’s top 500 enterprises such as Thyssenkrupp Co., Ltd of Germany have invested in the zone. In the zone, coal chemical industry, fin steel industry and equipment manufacturing industry system has formed.

Laoting Country’s goal is to construct a strong coastal country through scientific development and standard catch-up. Target of Tangshan Seaport Economic Development Zone is to build a state-level economic development zone by scientific development and standard compliance. Jingtang Port will be built as a domestic first-class, world-renowned modern international port.

Laoting of Hebei Province

Photo from left to right:
Zhiqiang Liu (Director of Investment Promotion Bureau)
John Gong (Chairman of Athena Technologies Inc.)
Zhigang Yuan (Secretary of County Party Committee of Laoting)
Yugang Huang (Deputy Mayor of Laoting)

On May 6th, 2013, the County Committee, Deputy Mayor Yugang Huang visited Beijing Branch of Athena Technologies Inc. Mr. John Gong (Chairman of Athena Technologies Inc.) cordially and friendly had conversation with him. Mr. Gong showed a deep interest in investment environment of Laoting new area, and immediately decided to go on site visits.

The afternoon of May 6th, Mr. Gong visited City industrial aggregation area, Adjoin-harbor industry aggregation area, Yidong Fruit and vegetable market, Delong steel Co., Ltd., No.4 Jingtang port, etc. accompanied by deputy secretary of county party committee, Fusheng Shao and Deputy County Mayor, Zhiyi Dong. After further recognized Laoting’s investment environments, Mr. Gong decided to organize the related companies in make investments and cooperation as soon as possible by using his influence of entrepreneurs in the United States. In the morning of May 8th, "Laoting New District of Tangshan 2013 (Beijing) key investment projects conference”, Mr. Gong on behalf of the participating entrepreneurs made a speech. Mr. Gong described Laoting’s vigorous development trend and construction projects scene in excellent voice and expression. He said it had a good prospect for the development of Laoting, so Athena Technologies would organize a trip in July or October 2013 for more than 20 entrepreneurs, including the Nixon family, for an on-site visit of steel industry, modern agriculture, fur processing industry, port logistics industry and discuss investment matters. domestic first-class, world-renowned modern international port.