Chairman John Gong’s Story Published by Development Report on China’s Twelfth “Five-Year Plan”

Chairman John Gong NPC and CPPCC in China Starts the Development Report on china's Twelfth Five-Year Plan

China's Development Report 2011-2013

On March 5th, 2014, as the NPC and CPPCC in China starts, the Development Report on China’s Twelfth “Five-Year Plan” which features John Gong’s success story, also becomes available for all the participants.

The Development Report on China’s Twelfth “Five-Year Plan” is a journal published exclusively by China’s National Development and Reform Commission. It is published every five years to review the major development in China during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, and it also reports success stories of well-known Chinese businesses and businessmen. As an important means of media for China’s macro-economy, this journal focuses on looking into major problems of China’s national economy, national industrial development policy, significant investment direction, economic reform, planning and execution of economic and social development, etc. Earlier in August 2012, Mr. John Gong was hired as honorary deputy editor of Development Report on China’s Twelfth Five-Year by the Macroeconomic Management editorial department of the National Development and Reform Commission. Before this, Mr. John Gong was featured as cover story by China’s foreign Trade and China Economic & Trade Herald.

The publication introduces the success story of Chairman John Gong. From his bitter childhood to his study overseas life, from his earlier entrepreneur life to one of the leaders in American Chinese businesses and intelligent technology, and the philanthropist that moves both people in China and the United States. Determined and perseverant, Mr. John Gong has been fighting all the way and challenging himself, and has gained rich experience. He founded companies in industrial automation, high-tech e-commerce, real estate, and restaurant, etc. Among them, ICP DAS, the one featuring industrial automation, has been a leading technology brand in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, etc. On the other hand, Athena Technologies, focusing on U.S.-Sino trade and e-commerce, has also been one of the significant contributors to commerce and trade in the United States: it created B2B (Business to Business) sales model, and lowers the transaction cost for businesses in all over the world.

Chairman John Gong’s success stories encouraged us to fight for our own future by tremendous effort. As he said, “we can give up everything but our goals. There is no shortcut to success. The necessary prerequisite for success is to be hard-working and diligent.”

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