Our Purposes

Role & Function

Athena Technologies’ international trade platform will adapt to all world trade patterns.  To simplify this plan, we will use as an example the relations between China and the United States of America.

Trading Obstacles between China and the United States:

  1. Chinese small and medium sized business (SMBs) has issues with insufficient capital and lack of resources to effectively promote their products in the United States.
  2. Language barriers and diverse cultural backgrounds create difficulties for Chinese SMBs to promote their products and services.
  3. U.S. companies find it difficult to discover high quality products they require from China. Because there are a few Chinese manufacturers that cannot properly manage their products with quality standards. This creates a negative misconception toward Chinese products.  As a result, Americans don’t dare to buy and sell their products.
  4. Even if a U.S. buyer is able to discover an adequate Chinese product with a reasonable price, few Chinese manufacturers abide by the contract after money is exchanged. There are cases in which the wrong goods or even no goods are shipped at all. This produces prejudice views towards Chinese companies and their products.