Mr. John Gong was bestowed a Knighthood (Sir John Gong)

August 2, 2012Sir John Gong

Mr. John Gong has made outstanding contributions to the high-tech and International trade industry and International relations between Europe-America, Europe- Asia, and US-China for the two decades. On May 25th, 2012, Mr. John Gong was bestowed Knighthood by Europe (Sir John Gong). Sir John Gong is the first Chinese to receive the European Knighthood. So his design of Coat of Arms is very unique and innovative. His Coat of Arms is personally designed by Baron Andrew, the world famous Royal Designer. The dragon, a symbol of China's supreme rights, is designed into this Coat of Arms with the Chinese Royal family colors of dark red, dark yellow and dark blue. Sir John Gong Seal The head of the dragon was modified 9 times (it was Baron Andrew’s first time designing a dragon and was searching for the right drawing of a dragon). Baron Andrew’s grandfather worked for British Queen Elizabeth drawing her portrait and designing of her Coat of Arms. And Andrew’s father also designed one for British Prince Charles. The Andrew family has a long history of drawing and designing for Royal families in Europe. At the bottom of Coat of Arms, there’s a motto from Sir John Gong‘s family “Bless the people who work hard”. No pain, No gain. God will watch over those people who work hard. To uphold his conviction, Sir John Gong developed his profitable and successful business from nothing with his toughness and never gives up faith. So that more young people will harvest their own business, he hopes this spirit can be passed down from generation to generation.