Madam Ne Li wrote an inscription "Amiability" joyfully for Athena Technologies Inc.

Madam Ne Li is writing an inscription 'AmiabilitySeptember 4, 2012

Madam Ne Li, the daughter of Chairman Mao, visited Beijing Branch of Athena Technologies Inc. We introduced the company situation and reported the business development and future work arrangements to Madam Ne Li. She gave the high recognition and appraisal for Athena Technologies Inc. And also she had great expectations for Athena’s future development. She said Athena should make more contribute to economic, cultural exchanges and e-commerce between China and the United States. At the end of the visit, Madam Ne Li wrote an inscription "Amiability" joyfully.

The 'Amiability'

"Amiability" includes the meaning of mild manner, polite and humility words, harmony relationship, and treats others with generosity. It indicates kindness and friendliness. And also it symbolizes “Harmony brings wealth”. Madam Ne Li wishes that Athena Technologies Inc. will have a constant increasing.

Madam Na Li amazed us with her majestic and elegant handwriting. She inherited the essence of traditional Chinese calligraphy. Ne Li likes calligraphy since she was very young. In addition to imitate his father's font, she also copied many artworks of the masters’ calligraphy. Therefore, she has the high level of calligraphy with long-term practice and learning. Some professionals believe that we can even call her calligrapher.