Mr. John Gong attended the China-Latin American Countries Business Summit

October 18, 2012the 6th China-Latin American Countries Business Summit

John Gong (Chairman of Athena Technologies) attended the 6th China-Latin American Countries Business Summit in Hangzhou, a lake-side city in east Zhejiang Province. The international summit to boost business projects between Chinese and Latin American companies ran from Wednesday to Thursday. The summit aimed to strengthen bilateral trade ties between South America, and the world's second-largest economy. This year, the theme is "Trade and Investment Transformation, Greater Development".

Mr. John Gong with Mr. Jifei Wan, head of the CCPIT

Jifei Wan, head of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, welcomed the participation of the delegates and expressed gratitude to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), national business associations in Latin American and the Caribbean, and trade promotion agencies for their support in the preparatory process of 6th China-Latin American Countries Business Summit. In his speech, Wan said that Chinese imports would reach $10 trillion in the next five years and this is a good opportunity for Latin American companies. China hopes that Latin American countries will share their experience in urban development and offer technology related to renewable energy and waste recycling and treatment, he emphasized. Mr. John Gong and Ms. Guili Tong, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou Experts here point out that trade between China and Latin America and the Caribbean has flourished over the last decade, and this Asian country has become the principal trading partner and source of direct foreign investment.

During the meeting, Mr. John Gong discussed the later cooperation opportunity with Mr. Jifei Wan and in the end they took a picture to commemorate this meeting. John Gong also made some business negotiations with ambassadors of Latin American countries, the ministers of the Ministry of Commerce and its entrepreneurs, leaders of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou. In the evening party, Mr. John Gong congratulated to Ms. Guili Tong, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou, on the success of this Business Summit in Hangzhou.