Athena Technologies visited the northern of China

Athena Technologies Inc. visited the northern of China July 15th, 2013

On July 15, 2013, under the invitation of Tianjin Beichen District Government and Hebei Laoting county government, Mr. John Gong, chairman of Athena Technologies Inc., president of ICP DAS USA INC., Vice Chief Director of China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and China Economic Trading Promotion Agency arrived in Beijing for a four-day inspection of China-US investment projects trip.

During this trip, Mr. John Gong has visited Beijing Automotive Group, Tianjin Beichen District, Hebei Laoting County, Tianjin TASLY Pharmaceutical CO.LTD, and other governments and enterprises. They all extended a warm welcome to his visit. Mr. John Gong put forward his opinions and suggestions on China-US economic and trade cooperation, and the relations of mutually beneficial developments.

July 16 Laoting

Athena Technologies Inc. visited the northern of China

Mr. John Gong discussed with Mr. Yugang Huang ,the executive vice mayor of Laoting County; Mr. Zhiqiang Liu, director of Laoting Municipal Overseas Investment Promotion Bureau, and other leaders of Laoting County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology on how to help Laoting County attract new investments.

July 17 Tianjin

Mr. John Gong group visited the headquarter of Tianjin TASLY Pharmaceutical CO.LTD, accompanied by Xiuli Liu, director of Tianjin Overseas Investment Promotion Bureau and Na Suo, General Manager of TASLY Africa region. They discussed about the cooperation of North and South American regions.

Athena Technologies Inc. visited the northern of China

Tasly was founded on May 1994. Through decades of development with Great Health industry as guideline and pharmaceutical industry as its center, Tasly has become a hi-tech group whose scope of business includes modern TCM, chemical medicine, biological medicine, healthcare products, functional food, covering the fields of research and development, planting, manufacturing and distribution. Tasly has already set up a national technological center for enterprises and national postdoctoral scientific research station, and also has taken on more than 40 key scientific researching programs on national level. Tasly Modern TCM Garden is listed as the exemplary project of national hi-tech industrialization. Besides, its information project is also listed into the national key plan. The enterprise has received numerous awards, such as 'excellent enterprise of Tianjin', 'pioneering enterprise of ideological construction', 'top 10 industrial enterprises with self-innovation and creation', etc. All these honors and awards exhibit that the trademark 'Tasly' is becoming more and more popular not only in China, but also around the world.

July 18 Beijing Automotive Group

In Beiqi museum

In Beiqi museum, their guide was talking about
Beiqi's history and culture for Mr. Gong.

Beijing Automotive Group warmly welcomed Mr. Gong during his visit and discussed how to open up the South American market. Beijing Automotive Group (officially Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co Ltd) is a state-owned enterprise and holding company of several Chinese automobile and machine manufacturers. Commonly known by the name Beiqi or the acronym BAIC, it is thought of as the fifth-largest domestic Chinese automaker. Beiqi products encompass many kinds of commercial vehicles, including: agricultural machinery, construction machinery, light trucks, and military vehicles, etc.

In the multi-day visits, Mr. Gong returned to Beijing on July 19. He held a group discussion in Beijing Great Wall Sheraton Hotel for the preparation of U.S. delegation investigates to China next. He said that he is willing to be a tie to promote cooperation with China and Latin American countries.