Chairman John Gong Met with China’s First Female Vice-Premier in Beijing

Chairman John Gong with Former Vice-Premier Guixian Wu in Beijing

Chairman John Gong with Former
Vice-Premier Guixian Wu in Beijing

December 12, 2013

Mr. John Gong, Chairman of Athena Technologies, was invited to meet with Guixian Wu, China’s first female Vice-Premier, in Beijing.

Ms. Guixian Wu was born in 1938, and was the member of the 9th to 11th Central Committee of China’s Communist Party (CPC), and also the alternate member of the 10th Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. In 1975, Wu was elected Vice-Premier at the 4th National People’s Congress First meeting, and became China’s first female Vice-Premier. Wu graduated from Northwest University, China. Afterwards, she was the group leader of the party cell of “Zhao Mengtao Group”, the national advanced textile group, and was awarded as high-performing workers in a row. She was also once elected National Model Worker. In June 1981, Vice-Premier Wu was appointed as the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Northwest National Cotton No. 1 Factory. In 1988, Wu was appointed as the President, General Manager and Labor Union President of the textile company created by Shenzhen Foreign Trade Group Company and Hong Kong. Wu has been concerned about the society and devoted to philanthropy. Under the positive response from different parts of society, she founded special funds named after Guixian, and was the Director and Chief Representative of Guixian Education and Poverty Alleviation Fund, contributing a lot to education and poverty alleviation.

On the morning of December 12, the Former Vice-Premier Wu cordially met with Chairman Gong at Beijing Central Garrison Military. During the meeting, Ms. Wu asked about the development of the current U.S.-Sino international trade and related companies. Chairman Gong introduced the U.S.-Sino trade and e-commerce businesses of Athena Technologies Inc. and stated to establish an online b2b platform that reduces transaction costs for global trading companies. According to Mr. Gong, currently Athena Technologies has been leveraging its TV, internet, call center, trade show and magazines to set up a reliable international trade platform, which acts as a strong impetus to the globalization of Chinese products. Vice-Premier Wu totally agreed with what Chairman Gong has done and encouraged him to continue contributing to both the United States and China.