Chairman Gong Invited to Master Shen Anliang’s Gallery

Chairman Gong & Master Shen Anliang

April 23th, 2014 New

On March 14, 2014, Mr. John Gong, Chairman of Athena Technologies, was invited by Mr. Shen Anliang, one of the famous calligraphy masters in China, to his art gallery.

Shen Anliang, also named Mozhu and known as Zhulong, is a poet. Born in June, 1957 in Luoyang, Henan Province, Shen is the inventor of Chinese Bamboo Calligraphy. Mr. Shen is currently the Vice President of the World Calligraphers Association, Vice President of the World Association of Chinese Poetry, Vice President of the World Zen Buddhist Calligraphy Association, President of China Bamboo Calligraphy Association, and Professor at the Chinese Calligraphy Art Institute. He was awarded Chinese Master Artist, World Chinese Artists, and Chinese Calligraphy Master, etc. Also, Mr. Shen was invited to many important events both domestic and abroad. The masterpieces he created on spot were also collected by many organizations and museums. Mr. Shen was awarded the Gold medal of the World’s Major Cultural and Arts Heritage at Houston, United States. He has held bamboo Calligraphy exhibition in Paris, France and Vienna, Austria.

During his more than 40-year practice, Mr. Shen devoted himself to traditional Chinese calligraphy art. He was very unique and innovative – he invented bamboo calligraphy and it won the national patent. His bamboo calligraphy and related works were recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Shen Anliang Biography has included more than 80 books such as World Famous Calligraphy and Paintings, Generation of Artists, Contemporary Calligraphy, Chinese Calligraphy Anthology, Chinese Masters of Calligraphy, Contemporary Masters, etc. He has published many books such as Shen Anliang Bamboo Calligraphy Selection, Shen Anliang Bamboo Calligraphy Copybook, Shen Anliang Poems Selection, etc. Mr. Siyuan Cheng, Vice President of NPC, named him “World’s No.1 Bamboo Calligraphy”. Media like Peope’s Daily, CCTV, Guangming Daily, Chinese Youth, Hong Kong Chinese Channel, etc. have reported his bamboo calligraphy. His Hundreds of Bamboo, Poem, and Calligraphy work combine poems, books, and paintings together, and became a unique art style. His bamboo calligraphy was recommended by masters like Gong Qi, Peng Shen and Hai Zhang. In the book Chinese Artists by the Department of Culture in 2014, Master Shen Anliang and Wang Xizhi, the Sage of Calligraphy in ancient China, won the first place at the same time.

Master Shen Anliang and the curator of the Calligraphy and Arts Gallery warmly welcomed Mr. Gong and showed him around. Mr. Shen introduced his major works in the gallery to Mr. John Gong. The characters in his bamboo calligraphy can be as little as the head of a fly, but it can also be as big as a dragon. Master Shen is good at all kinds of Chinese calligraphy: Xing, Cao, Li, Zuan, Wei and Kai. The outside looks beautiful and soft while the inside stays strong. One of his works, “Long”, meaning dragon in Chinese, looks like a dragon rises to the sky from the sea; “Hu”, meaning tiger in Chinese, looks like a tiger climbing the mountain; “Zhu”, or bamboo in Chinese, looks like a huge bamboo standing still; “Ma”, or horse in Chinese, looks like a horse fighting in the war. Everything he created looks real. Mr. John Gong showed his respect to Master Shen’s works. They talked about how Master Shen created these works too. Last, Mr. John Gong and Master Shen Anliang took a picture together.