Famous Chinese Artist Li Shangyong’s Visit to the United States

Donald Nixon and Li Shangyong

December 1st, 2014 New

On November 7th, 2014, the well-known Chinese artist Li Shangyong, Deputy Dean of the Academy of Chinese Painting and Inventor of Chinese Shuiwenli Caligraphy, was invited to Los Angeles, CA. He shared his great artwork with the American mainstream society and various local people. His trip was carefully planned and organized by Athena Technologies, Inc. and it was a big success. Master Li was also awarded the International Culture Awards by Donald Nixon at the Nixon Presidential Museum on November 9th for his great contribution to the spreading of the Chinese culture.

Li Shangyong was born in 1944, and he is currently the Deputy Dean of the Academy of Chinese Painting, Board member of the China Association of Artists, member of Beijing Calligrapher Association, etc. He has been practising the Chinese calligraphy for more than 50 years, and he is definitely a master of Chinese art. He is good at different types of Chinese calligraphy, including Li, Xing, Kai, Zuan, etc. Based on the various types of Chinese calligraphy, he invented his own type, the Chinese Shuiwenli calligraphy, which brings new light to the traditional Chinese calligraphy. The Shuiwenli Chinese calligraphy features weavy characters and it is highly recognized by the Chinese society. His paintings are mostly a reflection of the Chinese landscapes and flowers. His artworks have won the awards both domestic and abroad since the 1970s. For example, he won the first place in the 60th anniversary of the Anti-Japan War Artwork Contest. He was awarded the "Special Contribution to the Asian Pacific" award by the APEC.

On November 8th, Mr. Li Shangyong had an art show at a local gallery in Monterey Park, CA. The former Mayor of Monterey Park, David Lau, hosted the event and appreciated Mr. Li’s artwork, saying he was “the Master of contemporary Chinese calligraphy”. Master Li wrote "Good Vision" in Shuiwenli and gave it to David Lau as a gift and they took a picture together. On November 9th, Master Li Shangyong had another art show in Irvine, CA at the Golden Bridge Chinese School. He introduced the traditional Chinese art to the visitors and showed his unique Shuiwenli calligraphy on spot with the local students and their parents. Hundreds of visitors came to the art show and felt very excited that they could see this unique Chinese art.

Ms. Xie Weiyi, a student of the famous Chinese calligrapher Ouyang Zhongshi, heard the news and drove for more than an hour from San Gabriel to meet Master Li. She was very excited that she could see the great Chinese art here in the States.

After the art show, Master Li and his wife, accompanied by Sir John Gong, President of Athena Technologies, were invited to the Nixon Presidential Museum and were warmly hosted by Donald Nixon, the nephew of former U.S. President Richard Nixon. The Nixon Presidential Museum is the presidential library and final resting place of Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th President of the United States. Located in Yorba Linda, California, the museum and library is one of 13 administered by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). In 1972, the then President Richard Nixon visited China for the first time in history, and started to build formal diplomatic relationships between the United States and China. This was known as the "Ice-breaker" event at that time, and was a very important milestone in world history. Since President Nixon’s first visit to China in 1972, the Nixon family have been keeping very good relationships with the Chinese people, and they’re very interested in Chinese culture and art as well.

“We’re very excited when we heard you are coming to visit,” said Donald Nixon to Master Li. Donald Nixon is the nephew of the former President Richard Nixon, and he used to be a California senator. He is in charge of the Nixon family. He showed Master Li Shangyong around the Nixon museum and told them about the stories of his uncle President Nixon. He took Master Li and his wife, as well as Sir John Gong to visit the birthplace of former President Richard Nixon, the conference Room of the "White House", the airforce plane President Richard took, etc. When they walked to the "World Leaders" sculptures, they recalled the ice-breaking history in 1972, when president Richard Nixon first visited China. The whole trip lasted longer than expected, which showed Donald Nixon’s hospitality.

Edward Nixon, the little brother of former President Nixon, loves Master Li’s artwork very much. He thinks Master Li’s combination of the traditional Chinese characters in different dynasties was a great invention. He collected many artworks by Master Li. Early in February 2014, Edward Nixon wrote a letter to Master Li to show his gratitude, and hoped that their friendship could always last.

At the end of the tour, Donald Nixon awarded Master Li the International Culture Awards at the East Hall of the museum, in honor of Master Li’s contribution to the cultural communication between United States and China. Donald Nixon said, the East Hall, as in the White House, was the place to host very important events. Only the VIPs can be hosted there. For example, the daughter of former President Richard Nixon, Tracy's wedding was held at the East Hall. Therefore, the fact that Mr. Donald Nixon awarded Master Li at the East Hall shows how important he thinks Master Li is. Master Li was very grateful to be awarded the International Culture Awards, and he wrote "A harmonious family will lead to success in everything" and gave it to Donald to show his gratitude.

Master Li appreciated it very much that the Nixon family spent so much precious time and effort in hosting him and his wife. He also thanked Athena Technologies and Sir John Gong for planning and coordinating his trip. His visit to the United States was a big success. He successfully introduced the Chinese art to the American upper class. Next year, Athena Technologies will officially invite Master Li for a large scale art show in Los Angeles and will invite more American upper class to the show. Let’s wish the art show a great success and the friendship between the United States and China always last!

Here're some of Master Li's artworks:

The Mind, 4 square chinese feet

Price: $30927.34 USD

Named Give up and Gain, 6 square chinese feet.

Price: $46391 USD

Contentment brings happiness, 8 square chinese feet.

Price: $61854 USD

Sailing afar, 4 square chinese feet.

Price: $38633 USD

Peony, 6 square chinese feet.

Price: $57950 USD

Jiang Nan, 10 square chinese feet.

Price: $96583 USD

Bamboo brings peace, 4 square chinese feet.

Price: $38633 USD

Fishing Village, 4 square chinese feet.

Price: $38633 USD

Eight Horses, 14 square chinese feet.

Price: $135216 USD

Snowy night and bright moon, 14 square chinese feet.

Price: $135216 USD

Waterfall, 19 square chinese feet.

Price: $231800 USD

China Dream, 4 square chinese feet.

Price: $30906 USD

Mountain Walk, 8 square chinese feet.

Price: $61813 USD

Walking in the Mountatin, 4 square chinese feet.

Price: $30906 USD

Li Bai's poem, 12 square chinese feet.

Price: $92720 USD

Qin Garden Spring Snow, 32 square chinese feet.

Price: $247253 USD

Takeoff, 6 square chinese feet.

Price: $46360 USD

Little Boat, 7 square chinese feet.

Price: $67608 USD

Plum Blossom, 4 square chinese feet.

Price: $38633 USD