9-Day Yunnan Discovery Tour

  • Destination: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la
  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Starting Date: You Choose
  • Special Experiences: Hear the legends with the Stone Forest, a huge, dense Karst stone forest formed 200-300 million years ago. Enjoy in Shangri-la, the ideal home only found in Heaven.

Day 1 Entry Kunming:

Today Arrangement: Our private English-speaking guide and driver will pick you up in time at Kunming airport and transfer you safely to the hotel. A paper board with the sign of BeijingToursGuide.com and your name will be held high at the airport exit.

Day 2 Kunming:

Meal(s): Breakfast, Lunch

Attraction(s): Qiongzhu Temple, Stone Forest

Today Arrangement: Kunming used to be gateway to the well-known Silk Road which facilitated trade with Tibet, Myanmar and India. Today, with the beautiful natural sceneries and the always pleasant climate, Kunming has become the most popular center for tourism in Southwest China. We have two tour destinations today. Qiongzhu Temple is a Tang dynasty temple, famous for the colorful clay figurines of the 500 Buddhist arhats. Beijing so realistic, lifelike, though a little surreal, the 500 arhats of the Qiongzhu Temple are reputed as the ‘sculptured pearls in the oriental treasure house’. The Stone Forest was a typical example of karst topography formed 200-300 million years ago. The fantastic stone pinnacles rising abruptly from ground resemble a huge, dense forest, hence the name of Stone Forest. Lots of legends are with the Stone Forest, for example, the famous Ashma peak. It is like a slim and beautiful girl carrying a basket on the back. Come to the Stone Forest and discover the legends by yourself!

Day 3 Kunming-Dali:

Meal(s): Breakfast, Lunch

Attraction(s): Erhai Lake Park, Three Pagoda Temple, Dali Old Town

Today Arrangement: Leave for Dali by flight; be picked up by our guide and driver at Dali airport. Here in Dali, 25 ethnic minorities have created a unique cultural heritage amidst the area’s picturesque natural sceneries. Today let’s explore in the Erhai Lake Park, the Three Pagoda Temple and Dali Old Town. Erhai Lake Park was built in 1976 in order to give the local people and tourists the convenience of watching the Erhai Lake, which is in an ear shape and famous for its jade-like clear water. In the park, there is an arboretum where cultivates the Dali unique camellias, azaleas, primrose and rare snow lotus. Located near the famous Erhai Lake, the Three Pagodas Temple is the cultural symbol of Dali and a visit to it should not be missed by any visitor to Dali City. Dali Old Town, also called Yu Town, is located on the foot of the picturesque Cangshan Mountain and at the edge of Erhai Lake. Built in Ming dynasty in 1382, it is the home of Bai Ethnic minority and its ancient buildings still retains its charm. The town is named as one of the first historical and cultural towns.

Day 4 Dali-Lijiang:

Meal(s): Breakfast, Lunch

Attraction(s): Bai Traditional House, Lijiang Old Town

Today Arrangement: After breakfast, take about 3 hours' drive to arrive in Lijiang and transfer to the hotel. On the way to Lijiang, drop in at the Bai Traditional House in Xizhou and Zhoucheng, famous for its tie dyeing and the best access place to know well about Bai minority. The ancient village today still holds its charm: all the roads are paved with flagstones and the tranquil stream flows in front of every family. Thousands of travelers from all over the world visit here everyday. After a short break at the hotel in Lijiang, visit the Square Street of the Lijiang Old Town, paved by colorful stones and once the most significant street market for business and trade. There are many small shops with ethnic flavor in the lively and busy street. The street can reach any corner of the old town, but take care of the road signs because you will meet so many crossroads.

Day 5 Lijiang:

Meal(s): Breakfast, Lunch

Attraction(s): Baisha Village, pay a visit a local Nanxi family, Baisha Murals, Rock Joseph’s Former Residence, Nanxi Ancient Music and Dance Performance at Dongba Palace

Today Arrangement: Visit the Baisha Village. It is one of the oldest towns in Lijiang city and also the earliest settlement of Naxi minority. Drop in at a local Naxi family to know more about Naxi people’s easygoing life and enjoy Naxi food. At the end of Baisha Old Street, there located the Dabaoji Palace where we are lucky to see the valuable Baisha Murals, amazingly vividly presenting religious tales and activities of Taoism, Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Go to visit the Rock Joseph’s Former Residence in Yuhu Village. Rock Joseph is a western Dr. who is best remembered as one of the first westerners to spread the long-isolated Naxi culture worldwide through his rigorous works on Naxi Ethnology. Afternoon is free for you to explore the old town: the small bridges, swift streams, cobbled streets and grey tiled roofs of the Residential Houses. Enjoy the Naxi Ancient Music and Dance Performance at Dongba Palace in the evening.

Day 6 Lijiang-Shangri-la:

Meal(s):Breakfast, Lunch

Attraction(s): Tiger Leaping Gorge, the First Bend of the Yangtze River, Stone Drum Town

Today Arrangement: Today is our last day tour in Lijiang; let's have our fun. Tiger Leaping Gorge is the Yangtze best gorge after the renowned Three Gorges. It is believed to be the deepest gorge in the world. From the top of the gorge, look down the steep (70-90degrees) mountain sides to the Jinsha River with frothing rapids over 200 meters. The First Bend of the Yangtze River is an interesting scenic area and historic site. Hiking around is popular among tourists, especially walking along paths where Kublai Khan’s troops walked 800 years ago. On the mountain at the river's blend stands the Stone Drum Town, named after a marble stone drum there, which is a monument commemorating the victory of Lijiang's Naxi ruler over an invading Tibetan army. The town is also well-known as a vitally strategic military area where many famous historical events took place. After the exciting tour, drive to Shangri-la and the hotel there.

Day 7 Shangri-la:

Meal(s): Breakfast, Lunch

Attraction(s): Songzanlin Temple, Bitahai Lake, Shudu Lake and visit a Tibetan family

Today Arrangement: Shangri-la, in Tibetan means the 'sun and moon in heart', an ideal home only found in heaven. The unique scenery, highlighted by plateaus, together with the fascinating ethnic culture makes Shangri-La 'an Eden in dream', very attractive and charming to visit. Today, we are going to tour to the Songzanlin Temple, Bitahai Lake, Shudu Lake and pay a visit to a Tibetan family. Songzanlin Temple is the biggest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Yunnan province and famed as the Museum of Tibetan Arts for its exquisite architecture style. There are monks offer blessing to visitors, very peaceful and serene. Bitahai Lake lies in the plateau over 3500 meters and is widely recognized as 'A pearl on the Pateau' and the most attractive lake in Shangri-la. It is famous for its limpid water and beautiful scenery set against the surrounding mountains and forests. Shudu Lake is 3705 meters above sea level and has been turned into a highland pasture resort. Appreciate the mirror like surface and enjoy a number of outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, exploring in the wild fauna and flora of the primitive forest or fishing in the lake, etc. Visit a local Tibetan family, taking yak butter tea and participating in their Tibetan dances.

Day 8 Shangri-la-Kunming:

Meal(s): Breakfast, Lunch

Attraction(s): Golden Temple, Daguan Park, Flower and Birds Market

Today Arrangement: Be transferred to the airport and fly to Kunming. Kunming, as the capital of Yunnan province, is celebrated as 'City of Eternal Spring', well-known for its always pleasant climate, breath-taking natural sceneries and diverse cultures. Now start our tour in the charming city. Golden Temple was a Taoist temple (more like a palace) built in 1602 on the top of Mingfeng Hill. As you climbing the hill, you may well find that the closer you get to the Golden Temple, the more peaceful and lighthearted you feel for the extreme beauty of the hill can create a sense of inner harmony to the visitors. Daguan Park is a picturesque lakeside park and got its fame for the two- story Dguan Pavilion built in 1696. Many men of letters came here composing and reciting poems and lots of excellent poetries were created. The flower and Bird Market is an interesting place for a leisurely stroll. Stalls in the market provide great varieties of items including blossoms, potted plants, delicate art crafts and antiques. You could buy some lovely things home and also appreciate the houses along the street with traditional Kunming architecture.

Day 9 Depart Kunming:

Meal(s): Breakfast

Today Arrangement: Free time before departure; then transfer to airport.

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